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Save Time with Express Lane Auto Service at Cars Plus, Serving Maite, Guam, and Beyond

If it feels that the pace of life has increased substantially since the time you were a kid, you're not mistaken. Life gets busier-and moves more quickly-the older we get. At Cars Plus we understand how challenging it can be to add "one more thing," into your already too-busy week. That's why we're proud to offer drivers our Express Lane service. This offers you a super-fast, convenient way to get in and out of the garage and on your way.

Located conveniently in Maite, Guam, we're proud to also serve the areas of Tamuning, Dededo, Mangilao. Our dealership's service center offers stress-free maintenance with no appointment needed. Whether your vehicle needs new wiper blades, an oil change, new tires, a new battery or its brakes checked, we do all of that and more here at our efficient service center. Our highly-trained automotive technicians will get you in, fixed up and on your way in a jiffy.

Like your doctor says, "prevention is the best medicine." Taking good care of your car, truck or SUV today could lead to the prevention of majorly expensive repairs further down the road. Here in Guam, we enjoy gorgeous scenery, but we also deal with some pretty extreme weather changes which can put strain on vehicles. So, don't delay. Stop in soon for your Express Lane service here at Cars Plus. We look forward to your visit.

Why choose Cars Plus' Express Lane?
  • Convenient
  • No Appointment Needed
  • 30 minutes or less!
  • Free WiFi while you wait
  • Certified Lube Techs
And if that isn't reason enough, here's a more in-depth look at why your vehicle deserves to be taken to our Express Lane:

A Comprehensive Multi-Point Inspection
Express Lane is more than just an oil change. Our highly trained, professional technicians perform a complete preventative maintenance check of your vehicle's major components to keep your vehicle safe, reliable and in great operating condition. It's fast, convenient and helps prevent costly breakdowns. Nobody knows your vehicle better. And nobody offers such expert service. 

Oil Change
Changing your oil is perhaps the most important maintenance that you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly. There are hundreds of moving parts in your engine - oil keeps them lubricated and reduces engine heat. 5 quarts of oil and a new oil filter is included.

Tires are what connect you to the road and keep you rolling. We check for tire wear and make sure your tires are properly aligned, balanced and contain the correct air pressure. Proper maintenance is essential for tire performance and longevity. We also offer a large selection of dependable, high-quality tires.

Windshield Wipers and Blades
Excellent visibility in rain is essential to safe driving. Streaking, smearing and chattering (noisy blades) mean it's time to change your blades. We check the condition of your blades and can provide you with replacements if necessary.

Fluid Levels
Like oil, fluids are the lifeblood of your vehicle. It's important that they are at proper levels to prevent damage and keep your vehicle healthy. There are four essential fluids that we check and replenish: coolant, wiper washer fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid.

Besides your engine, nothing works harder than your brakes. Over time, parts eventually wear down and need to be replaced. We inspect your brakes to make sure they are functioning properly and diagnose any problems. Whatever your brake system needs, our highly trained brake technicians can perform the proper maintenance.

Your vehicle's battery faces extreme conditions and situations such as Guam's heat, alternator undercharging or overcharging. With proper care, batteries will have a long life and provide reliable, dependable service. We clean your battery, tighten cables and make sure your fluid level is optimal.

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