Blue Link and the Hyundai Kona: Advanced Connectivity Made Easy

These days staying connected means more than having your friends on speed dial. It means getting connected and staying connected, no matter where you are. The Ultimate edition of the Hyundai Kona comes standard with Blue Link connectivity and features.

Blue Link offers a number of services that enhance safety, guidance, remote, and diagnostic systems. You have a direct connection to the vehicle that allows you to remote start, adjust climate controls, and lock and unlock doors. You gain that connectivity in numerous ways. The rearview mirror has direct Blue Link buttons. You can use the smartphone app. You can even do it through Google's Alexa.

Once you're connected to Blue Link, your world opens up. You have Google Home at your fingertips. The Destination Search can give you directions. You can call for roadside assistance when needed. Take the Hyundai Kona out for a test drive today at Cars Plus.



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