Learn What Gaskets do

Chances are that at some point, you will hear from your technician at Cars Plus that your vehicle's gaskets are bad. Maybe you'll nod your head and tell our car repair department to perform the work necessary to get your car running at its highest potential. However, do you really know what gaskets are? If you're like most drivers in Maite, chances are that you do not.

Essentially, gaskets make sure that liquids or gases can mix or escape into different areas of your engine. In other words, they seal off one area from another. Gaskets are made from various types of metal and are found in places like the engine block and the exhaust manifold. Gasket failure can cause a number of different problems that can jeopardize your vehicle's operation.

Blowing a gasket can lead to engine failure while driving. Through regular maintenance that follows the manufacturer's guidelines, your technician can replace faulty gaskets before they can cause problems. Bring your vehicle in today for a full inspection.

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