The Importance of Regular Alignments

Just because a vehicle drives true does not necessarily mean all is well with tire alignment. Front end assemblies can weaken over time on any vehicle. This is especially true for automobiles and trucks that are used in commercial activities. If your car is rolling, the front end is taking a beating when a highway is not in good repair.

Most people only have the wheel alignment inspected when there is a definitive tug to one side or the other while driving. However, waiting until a repair is necessary may also mean that other connective components are being damaged as well. It is always a good practice to have tire alignment inspected with each oil change, usually done as part of a tire rotation process.

At our dealership in Maite, we understand the importance of balanced wheel alignment. When you bring your car in to us for an oil change, we always evaluate your wheel alignment stability. Stop by today and lets us help keep your wheels in top running shape.

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