Why Get Your Next Oil Change at Cars Plus?

Oil changes are important for the overall health of your vehicle, but have you ever wondered why?

This important maintenance is recommended every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, because it keeps the engine parts working smoothly and in the right way. It reduces the amount of varnish and carbon which collect on the engine, too. Without regular oil changes, in fact, your vehicle has a higher chance of needing expensive engine repair or even replacement further down the line.

Think of the necessity of oil to an engine like water is to someone in a foot race. A marathoner without any liquid to quench his or her thirst and cool their body wouldn’t get very far. As essential as water is to that person running more than 26 miles, so too, is oil to your vehicle’s engine. It In addition to keeping things working properly, oil also helps to transfer some of the heat generated by the engine, just as liquids cool down an overheated body.

At Cars Plus our service center team is ready to take care of your next oil change or other needed maintenance. Check out our service specials for added savings! We’re located conveniently in Maite, Guam, and look forward to seeing you soon.

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